MES won the title of " Guangdong Province Credible Enterprise " for two consecutive years.

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Recently, MES passed the publicity of assessment of Guangdong Province Administration for Industry and commerce and was awarded the honorary title of "Guangdong Province Credible Enterprise" for two consecutive years (2011-2012) . This is once again helping MES win the endorsement of the society and customers and also shows MES鈥檚 outstanding performance in good faith.

It is reported that , in order to encourage enterprises to strengthen contracts and credit management, promote the construction of credit enterprises in Guangdong Province and create harmonious market environment , the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce carry out the assessment of 鈥 Guangdong Province Credible Enterprise 鈥渆very year , This is a high-grade enterprise contest for all enterprises in Guangdong province and have important meanings for creating favorable market environment for business integrity and promoting enterprise credit system construction. This selection have strict inspection for the basic situation of enterprises, contracting and fulfillment of production and operation and also requires orderly management of corporate credit , honest and trustworthy market transactions, good economic returns and comply with the relevant industry standards.

Credibility is the basis of an enterprise, MES always adhere to the "integrity" as an important link with customers and implements this concept into daily work . MES pays much attention on the pre-sales product quality, from the selection of raw materials to mass production; MES has high standard of each process. In the production process for each channel, MES have also invested a lot of money to build a quality monitoring system, each point has a dedicated person to check for minimizing errors and quality issues to the greatest extent. Customer demand is the basis of Pre-sales and fast reaction for after-sales, insist on honesty, always responsible for the quality, from production, exworks, sales, purchase to use, enterprise will have a strict quality control for the whole process. By doing this, we can not only guarantees customer鈥檚 satisfaction for our products , but also deepens customer trust in business and win the praise of customers and society .

By virtue of the implementation of integrity management, MES has access to Guangdong Province and the national bonor of 鈥淓nterprise of Observing Contracts and Keeping Promise ". In the Future, MES will continue to work in their own contract management and constantly improve the relevant rules and regulations, strengthen the credit management of the construction contract for the aim of becoming the industry benchmarking enterprise of observing contract and keeping promises.