As a leading security equipment and solutions supplier, the corporate culture should be more diverse, more inclusive, in order to better absorb excellent staff and make staff closely integrate their own dreams with company's goal to achieve the greatest company development and personal promotion. Therefore, we try various means, to motivate employees to really integrate into the company's culture. For example, the company union set up a variety of clubs and regularly organizes content-rich leisure activities. In these informal occasions, the interaction and communication between employees can often be more relaxed and intimate. Thus enabling the company form a family atmosphere, and enhance their sense of belonging. Our company also established the knowledge center to lease books in the office building, and hold regular activities for employees to create a good cultural atmosphere.

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Corporate Environment

We are one of the leading factories which develops and produces CCTV products in China, supported by the Chinese government as the most importantly developed company.Damai has a R&D headquarter in Shenzhen high-tech research center, possessing the most advanced patent for electronic R&D technique, leading us to be among the best in China.