Debating Competition

In order to enrich their leisure life, active working atmosphere, explore ideas, develop clear thinking and communication skills, Damai regularly organizes a variety of topics Debate competitions. Through this platform, we can enhance the overall Damai people's awareness of  company's products, reflecting Damai staff鈥檚 positive and vibrant spirit and also enhance the overall quality of staff.

Speech Contest

To promote the implementation of the Company's human resources strategy, the company organized a 'Damai is my home' as the theme of the speech contest, through this platform hoping to within the company to form a common focus on employee needs, concerns talent, good atmosphere concern of human resources. While increasing the attention of talent and training, to ensure that the ultimate realization of the company's human resources strategy.

A Tug of War Game

To advocate spiritual, exercise healthy body, brought together our internal solidarity, enhance team spirit and show our employees positive spirit, enrich the cultural life of the company, the company organized a tug of war game. Players on the field are all full of morale, their sweat tell us about the meaning of solidarity, their indomitable spirit of perseverance and hard work make everyone touched. The cheer leaders鈥 performance also added a dash of color to the game, every scream brought a force!