Dispatching Presents

In staff birthday party, company leaders will try their best to arrange their time for participating party and give the best wishes to all birthday staff, and also dispatching special birthday gifts to all special staff on behalf of Damai. Birthday staffs are all felt surprised because of sincere wishes from all colleagues. Sincere wishes and intimate scenes make the birthday staffs feel excited and happy, they are all striving to express their birthday speech.

Sharing Cakes

Simple but warm, brief but joyful, this is Damai鈥檚 collective birthday party. Opened in cheerful happy birthday song in the prologue, all audience lights go off, beautiful and delicious birthday cake is coming along with the familiar birthday music, all people gather around the cake and light a branch birthday candles and sing the birthday song. Birthday staffs close their eyes and begin to give their wishes under the candle light.

Interesting Games

To make Damai鈥檚 staff feel relax, eliminate fatigue and enjoy the corporate culture in their spare time, the birthday party will be specially arranged some wonderful programs and games, dancing, singing, team games and various colorful shows which win bursts of applause of all staffs. From these activities, employees can feel the warmth and love from other colleagues and also from Damai, strengthening the feeling of belonging of employees and increasing the feelings and collective cohesion between colleagues.