People in Damai

Damai has built a green home for us, and let us work happily, live comfortably. At Here, we follow with the pace of Internationalization and experience colorful life. At Here, we bring global elite and co-breed Multiculturalism together.On the festival, we sing for inspiring aspiration;On the Weekend, we enjoy leisure time; on the pitch, we play passionately; on the clean water pool, we boat stirring.At Here, we follow with the pace of Internationalization and experience colorful life, at Here; we bring global elite and co-breed Multicultural together. Damai is a team that wins we celebrate, fail we Unite for help.We are a team, a happy, a full of vitality team and experience the beauty of life everywhere. Damai is an unlimited Stage, program is wonderful or not it depends on our team, depend on each one of us. Damai will maximize discovering talent person, trust, and encourage the talents.We have to integrate into our team, and show our ability, we work together to foster an active and healthy corporate culture, and create a brilliant future for Damai.

Unity, Struggle, The most handsome Damai people!Through this basketball game, not only enrich the leisure life of Damai people to strengthen the employees who exercise and awareness of unity and cooperation, and bring the employees in a tight spare time to relax, feel the collective strength and warmth, and enhance group cohesion and mutual communication and understanding of the various departments.

Living in Damai

In this part, you will get more information about our company's value, Damai's policy, Damai's bright future and so on! They will let you make a wise decision to cooperate with Damai!

Damai insist on the idea of "Innovation", especially the technical innovation! We will work with all our cooperator to improve our technology and improve CCTV field鈥榮 technology! Our efforts made the world.

Damai will do self-adjustment to match with the modern world's development; we always put fresh impetus to CCTV field! We joint most of CCTV factory to do the new products developing, technology advancing, made the industry standard! Then we can own more advantages and provide better problem solving program!

Damai's Prospects

In 2010, we declared that, we will do what we can do to help our customer to become a company which can facing changing market and become more powerful!

Depending on our experience, insight and point to point capacity, we will give the customer right suggestion for their problem, realize the right changing!

Due to the same prospect, Damai have our own business process, this is a process full of challenge! And the truth proof it can bring big profit and return.

Company Value

In 2010, from hundreds of and thousands of the record and e-mail, we refining three value for our employee:

Achievements the customer Innovation, it is not related to our company, also related to the whole world Sincerety and responsible

Personal Values

What means to you as a member of Damai? We assess your maximum potential and determine it as your core competencies for basic professional development.The Capacity are:  Adaptability

鈥  Customer focus

鈥  To obtain ownership

鈥  Communication

鈥  Contribute to the achievement

鈥  Teamwork

鈥  Solving problem

鈥  Love Enterprises

鈥  Trustworthy

Society Value

Support society is very important to our company-Damai. We can get more than profit from helping the needed program of our society, Such as: Education, youngster's training, job training, arts, and environmental protection, helping people with disabilities!

Staff Development

Training and Study

Systematic training, employees will growth and development during the systematic training, and ensuring that human resources of its capital appreciation.

Culture Training

Promotional corporate culture values to guide the basic work of knowledge and vocational basic skills.

Thought mentoring

In the probationary period, the company will appoint a mentor for every new employee. The Thought Mentor is a teacher of a new employee, responsible for new staff to guide the work, but also in terms of ideology to help new employees concerned about the growth of life and help new employees to integrate into the team.


Induction business training is under the department's own characteristics and requirements, to develop training programs in a targeted manner. Induction including the upcoming employees and cross-sectoral mobilization of a transfer.

Technical Training

Damai is committed to building a learning organization, to encourage staff of continuous learning, improve their skills. Example, the promotion of professional ability, personal qualities to enhance comprehensive and sustained.


Dual-channel promotion mechanisms and broaden career development. Encouraged professional, the experts and managers can get the same professional development and value in return.

Social Insurance

In accordance to the national regulations, the employees will participate in pension, health care, maternity, unemployment, work injury social insurance.

Business Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance: The company will buy the personal accident insurance for employees, since employees from the date of induction. Global Business Travel Insurance: The company will buy the Global business insurance for employees when they are on business on board.

Other Holiday

In accordance with national laws and regulations, employees covered by the statutory holidays and rest days, and in accordance with the company's continuous years of service and enjoy corresponding annual vacation. In accordance with state laws and regulations and company rules, employees enjoy the normal sick leave, family leave, marriage, birth leave, bereavement leave and so on.

Physical Examination

Employees will attend to the full formal physical examination annually at a local hospital, Damai was thoughtful to the employees care and healthy.