Manufacturing advantages

Damai production base:
鈥  Quality management system passed 2008 certification
鈥  Damai modern production base was with advanced manufacturing management
鈥  Independent product line, With annual output over 1 million units of video surveillance      equipment per production line.
鈥  ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System
鈥  The U.S. FCC, European CE, CCC certification
鈥  Environmental certification
鈥  Advance ERP Management System
鈥  Strict implementation of the 5S management

  • Digital production workshop
    Mainly produces color IP camera,DVR,NVR,NVS,etc
  • Analog production workshop
    Mainly produces analog cameras,Matrix, etc.
  • High-speed Dome workshop
    Mainly produces high-speed Dome, speed Dome, Constant Speed Dome.
  • Mounter production workshop
    Mainly produces.motherboard patch of high-speed Dome,DVR & analog cameras.
  • Resistance Laboratory
    Damai create the professional resistance laboratory, cold resistance, resistance to high temperature products and vibration resistance and so on, Comprehensive professional carried out resistance test.

  • PTZ Burn-in Device
    Damai introduces advanced PTZ Burn-in Device, removing early unqualified components products, to ensure best quality, we strengthen the stability of P/T and improve the reliability of the products.

  • Camera /DVR Burn-in Room
    In professional Burn-in Room, Simulate the high temperature, the bad environment, for the performance testing, improve product stability, reliable.

  • Motherboard welding workshop
    Mainly welds.Motherboard of high-speed Dome,DVR,& analog cameras.