General Introduction

During the unceasingly grows processing, we carried on a series of management reform, gradually Following the step with international trend. We cooperate with the world first-class management consultant firm, and carries profound reforms on product development, integrated supply chain, human resources management, financial control and quality control, bring in the best practice, and established management system based on the IT.

After many years' practice, Damai has gradually realized the entire flow first-class operation and the management, maintained the company scale, benefit and the ability construction.

Processing Reorganization

Damai take the market management, the product development, the integrated supply chain and the customer relations management as the main processing, auxiliary by finance, human resources reforms, launches the reform comprehensively, bring in the best practical reform, establish the complete IT construction.

Organize Reform

We start the reform from the product line. Company manager team and strategic and the customer standing committee achievement are the leading organization to strengthens the Marketing system which have good understand for customers' demands, strategic direction and grasp the policy-making ability.

Quality control and production craft

Damai invites the German well-known organization to help design the production craft system (including multi-layered storehouse, automatic warehouse and the entire production line layout), thus reduced the material migration, reduced the production cycle, and enhanced the production efficiency and the production quality.

Financial Management

In 2007, we started the Finance- Economics management service project, this project has covered all essential finance field of Damai . And will improve the management ability and give best support to the future business. It will helpful for us to cooperate with the leading company, and establish long and thorough business relationship.

Supply Chain

Damai Constructs the flexible supply chain ability, win competitive advantage in fast, high grade, low cost goods supply safeguard way. We have constructed the flattening manufacture organization, high efficiency, flexible safeguards to meet the market demands. We carry out the reform with integrated supply chain , to guarantee the realization of the new flow and the system.

Damai has implemented the quality- project technology, ,making continually improvement in supplies chain ability and the customer service level, developing the partner relations with main supplier's, enhancing purchase achievements management and carry out authenticates processing based on the best practice supplier.

Quality and Sustainable Development

Damai always persist in Technology Innovation, and focus on product quality management, we have been through the Intonation standard organization ISO9001:2000 certificate, which make guarantee for product quality's improvement and Customers' satisfactions enhancement, following are our policy:

鈥  Classify customer's demand accurately

鈥  Well-built product quality

鈥  Offer sincere service for customer and partners

鈥  Ultimate responsibility for the product and service quality.

Customer Focus

Damai always set customer value as the center, listen to the voice from customer, and solve problem for them, then trace back to various aspects, continuously improve, constantly improve customer satisfaction and enhance company鈥檚 brand image.

Damai already establish professional regulatory organization against customer demand and satisfaction, Through monitoring, survey, assessment and analysis to promote continuous quality and management improvement, in order to Create higher value of the Customer.

Mature Quality Assurance and Processes

Damai never stop management improvement and business innovation in the process of development, in continuous pursuit of perfection of quality assurance and processes systems, For Product development, integrated supply chain, market management, quality management, financial management, human resources management, operational support, etc., Damai introduce the industry's best practices and practical, through a comprehensive protection system in order to make long-term interests of the clients

Certification of Quality and Management

At beginning of establishment, Damai already through a third-party certification---quality management system (ISO9001: 2000) certification, which covering the entire product and business scope , moreover the system have been effectively maintained.

Environmental and Occupational Health

Damai adhere to technology leadership also focus on environmental protection and occupational health. We have been through international standards for environmental, occupational health and safety management system certification, Our safety management system policy:

鈥  Green Design

鈥  Cleaner Production

鈥  Health and safety

鈥  Full participation

鈥  Continuous Improvement

鈥  Harmonious development

Green Product Implementation

To ensure the products meet environmental standards, compliance with the safety management system requirements, we implemented a "green products" implementation scheme, which covers research and development, procurement, production and customer service. This scheme implementation have been given full support in company-wide: Organization and management by the senior leadership team, decided in the general direction of environmental protection and strategies; Composition and Promotion of green plan by middle managers ( Including business processes, research and development, procurement, manufacturing and product recovery, etc.) ; Make concrete implementation of the plan by the core team.

Damai have been focusing on environmentally-friendly product development since company established. From concept development to product launch of the entire product development process, the company attaches great importance to the importance of environmental design. Our goal is through environmental design to achieve: protect the environment, improve quality, rational and effective use of resources and harmonious development